[H - FAERLINA] <Germinated> Recruiting 25M Naxx/OS/EOE | 17/17 | Tues/Fri 8pm EST

Is a Semi-Hardcore guild looking to fill our first 25M Roster & Build to split runs.

25M Raid: Tuesday & Friday. Friday is currently the primary raid day. Phase 2 plan: Tuesday = Farm, Friday = Progression. This plan is flexible based on roster availability.
10M groups will be planned through-out the week by preference/availability/gearing needs.

Our current needs to fill the roster are:
1 Prot Paladin
1-2 Hunters | Need MM Hunter, will accept 2nd Hunter any spec
1 Resto Shaman
1 Shadow Priest

Our guild is currently building from a merger and those people are experienced, awesome players.
Fully transparent Loot counsel with gear sheets identifying loot prio’s, published before every new raid.
If our raid days and times work for you join us for a fun, Semi-Hardcore atmosphere.

Please Reach out to: Kåboom, Deltazvlv, or Çrogar in-game.

In the event no-one is online, message: Deltazvlv#1987

All applications welcome!