[H] Faerlina <dmg> 5/6 SWP - LF Enh Sham/Holy Pally

Hi Everyone,

dmg | Horde | Loot Council | Faerlina - PVP

dmg is currently seeking highly skilled players for our current TBC raiding roster. We’re an established guild that carries a serious and competitive mindset when it comes to World of Warcraft. Consistency, preparation, communication and acting with integrity are some key characteristics of our guild and it’s something that we look for in our members. If you possess some of these qualities and you’d like to raid or PvP competitively in TBC, we encourage you to reach out and inquire about joining!

Current Openings :

  • We encourage all high performing players interested in applying to reach out regardless of class.
  • Specific Needs:
  1. Enh Shaman
  2. Holy Paladin


  • 5/6 SWP - on KJ
  • 5/5 Hyjal (56min) & 9/9 BT (90m)
  • 6/6 SSC & 4/4 TK

Schedule :

  • Wednesday & Thursday @ 9pm EST (Server Time). We expect all individuals to be online 30min prior to raid time for invites and to have all consumables readily available. Being prepared ensures that we start on time and that we’re being as efficient as possible.

Loot System :

  • We use a Loot Council system for loot distribution. Loot lists are distributed to each member so we can take into consideration what they want as a priority. All loot decisions are made up of these loot lists, attendance, performance, current item equipped, biggest impact to the raid and the consistency of each player.


  • Various members in the guild have multiple Glad seasons under their belt and PvP a lot, as you would expect. This consists of world PvP and BG’s and soon to be Arena’s. If this interests you, you’re more than welcomed to join in on the fun.

Contact Info:

  • Please reach out to either Liljay/Jaydawg (Officer) or Dizney (GM) via Discord if you would like to learn more about the guild or have any questions. Socials welcome!
  • Discord tags: Jayboi#3600 & Dizney#9547

HI Jaymoney,

Rogue here about a month old gearing up. Just swapped over from Ally Pagle where I was raiding as a MT Prot Pally for years since classic and needed a chance. Currently gearing out but I am very familiar with rogue raiding and have mained a rogue in original TBC/Wrath.

Interested in applying!

i was wondering if your guild is planning on moving to WoTLK when it drops?

yes we are. thanks

lets go please mucha gracia

how we looking this mornigng


Yesss suhhh my man

Bump it up

thanks so much my little misschief