[H] Faerlina <clarity> is recruiting a Mage,Lock and Hunter! Tues/Wed 8-11pm EST - 13/14 Uld 25 - ALL HM's DONE

Still looking for a Warlock

Locks rock! Come and join us!

Updated our roster needs

bump! come raid with us

Come join us for Ulduar!

Still looking! Let’s go insane, together :heart_eyes:

LF friends! uld will be fun

Join us for Ulduar!

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LFM Ulduar

need more for ulduar

Still looking for raider buds for Ulduar!

need more for ulduar! its comin soon :eyes:

LFM Ulduar

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lf priest and uh dk!

LF Disc Priest

looking for A disc priest!!!

bump! LF more ulduar! next week?

WTB a Disc Priest for Ulduar