[H-Faerlina] <Bad Manner> Tues/Thurs 8-11 LF HM ready DPS

Good morning/Afternoon/Evening wherever you are in the world,

Bad Manner is looking for a couple strong players for Ulduar 25 HMs! We are a group comprised of Classic, and longtime (14+ Year) retail players prior to Classic. Currently looking to replace some underperforming/weak-links in our group holding us back from reaching our true potential. Our goals for WotLK include clearing ALL heroic/HM raid content in an efficient manner and having a great time doing it! We completed all 10 and 25 man content in Phase 1 including Os3Drake, are 13/13 in Normal Ulduar-25 and progressing through HMs.

What we provide to you:
-A laid back, friendly guild environment comprised of great people and players!
-Established guild leadership
-Active discord for Classic WotLK, as well as other games
-Fair and transparent loot council system
-Guild Bank helps provide Consumables, Repair costs, Resistance gear etc

What we expect from you:
-A great attitude, and ability to work with others
-Make effort to improve your character/performance
-Fairly high raid attendance
-Come prepared to raid including having consumables, being enchanted, gemmed etc

25 Progression Raid Days: Tues & Thursday 8-11PM ET

-Optional 10s are scheduled for the weekend, both these groups are 8/9 with 1 working on Algalon-

Recruitment Needs for CORE raid spots:

High Prio:
Any Pumper Warlock
Feral Druid (A GOOD Cat)
Fury Warrior
Survival Hunter

Med Prio
Prot Pally
Any High Parsing DPS

If you do not see your class/spec listed, please do not let that deter you from inquiring. We are always on the lookout for skilled players!

You can contact us in-game:
Beansworth in-game or Edantis#5314 on discord
Meydie in-game or Meybel#6505 on Discord

On and around all afternoon if anyone wants to chat!

Have spots open to trial next week!

Around tonight and this weekend to meet people! Still looking to add competent DPS to our Roster, Almost had HM General down this week with 24!? (including pugs) imagine if we had a full 25 with hands!

To the top of the forums with you.

Got spots open this week for gamers!

Still looking, Have spots open for tonight/this week

Would love to pick up a good parsing Warlock if there are any looking for a new home! We’re a great group!

On for the evening if anyone wants to chat