[H] <Faceroll> Recruiting For Shadowlands | 2Day (Thurs/Fri Evenings)

Hit us up. Come do some stuff with us tonight!

Still looking ! Hit us up!

Still searching hit us up!

Looking for more!!

Still looking for more !

Still looking!!!

Looking for more range!!!

Need them ranged dps!!! Hit us up!

Hey you ranged add us let’s chat!

Quick question… are you guys looking for tanks ? BM Monk or Blood DK?

Hi there, I’m a returning frost DK with semi-hardcore mythic raiding experience. I’ve taken a break from the beginning of legion and will return for shadowlands. I’m a PUMPER DPS I really try to do my best each and every raid. Your raid times and mentality jive well with me so I’d like to have a chat With you!!

I also have no problems offtanking as blood.

My discord is Rayn#3680 I look forward to hearing from you! I also have some old mythic EN logs that I found, available if you want to look at them.

Looking for more range, and hit us up raynrayn we would love to talk, and sorry kagahi our tank spots are full atm. Best of luck on your search.

I added alzar! And up to the top your post goes once more!

Add me as well ill be available for a while Raynrayn

Still looking for more ranged dps!

Still searching for ranged dps!

Looking for more range dps!!

Keep em coming!

Still looking !!! Raiding tonight come get a feel for our crew !

Hit us up! Raiding tonight!