[H] Experienced warlock looking to raid

About Me
Hello, I am Sadwizard, a long-time warlock player looking to get back into raiding in SL.
This name came about as response to the first tier of SL (where I quit) only to come back late season 2 and realise that I was hopelessly behind on all the systems. Thus, the name “Sadwizard” was born, as Shadowlands equaled depression. Now, in 9.2, I am finally excited about the game and looking to get back into raiding!

What I Bring
I am an experienced player in all roles who loves to raid, loves to push keys, is open to constructive criticism and brings a positive attitude. I can play all warlock specs, and I’m open to learning to how to play better in every regard.

I would prefer two days a week, and early evening start times. I cannot raid later than 9 cst/10 est.

Relevant History
CE EN, CE Tomb, 8/11M ATBT, CE Uldir, 4/9M BOD, 11/12M Nya, 3/10M CN, 3/10M SOD, and currently 7/11N and 1/11H. 2255 io S2 SL.

Ilvl, Tier, and Alts
259, no 2p, 249 priest alt (holy/shadow), 246 monk alt (mw), and 240 dk alt (fdk).

Contact Information
Krimia#1150 (Bnet)
Krimia#7625 (Discord)
Please reach out if you have any questions, want to dunk on the name, or even just meme about how bad of an expac it’s been.

I believe my engaging attitude can be an asset to your guild. Let’s talk soon and turn this frown upside down in 9.2 together! :slight_smile:

Oops, posted that from a decrepit alt.

fri/sat 7-10 pm est 7/11 N 2/11 H lfm. We also do keys. We could use a lock and another member to our community. Abusive.cc for info

U guys in need of an rdruid?

If you can’t find anything, we have a new team looking for some people! :slight_smile:

yes sir! please add me slayerxavi#1940

ok will do

Hi there,

I added you on discord(Jaystir#1204), but here is our post if you want to look it over first. Hope to chat soon!