(H) Experienced HPally LF Heroic/Mythic raid team

I’ve been a hpaly main since MoP and am looking for a determined yet fun guild to push Mythic with (CE a nice bonus). I’m a reliable, determined, and well rounded player that can adapt to any healing comp. I am currently Kyrian.

Availability: Sunday - Wednesday & times between: 7pm -11pm EST.
Looking to raid 2 nights/ week.

I’ve gotten AOTC every tier since SoO. Here is my Mythic raiding experience:
WoD: HFC 8/13M;
Legion: NH 5/10M,TOS 5/9M, Ant 7/11M;
BFA: Uldir 5/8M, BoD 7/9M (with prog on Jaina, but missed kill due to family emergency), EP 3/8M.
Took break from wow until Shadowlands, but still managed AOTC in Ny’alotha.
SL: CN 9/10M, SoD 5/10M, SotFO 7/11 Normal (getting caught up through pugs…)

Just came back from a break due to IRL damands, but I am ready to jump head first into Sepulcher. I understand I am behind in gear, but with years of raiding experience & Hpally knowledge, I am excited to get caught up.

Dependable. Adaptable; willing to move my healing cds in any way to benefit the raid. Quick learner. Overall great personality; never offended and very easy to get along with.

warcraftlogs. com/character/us/area-52/did%c3%bfmus

Discord: Didymus#7016
Bnet: Didymus#1633