[H] Experienced Fury War LF Raiding Guild

Hey everyone! I’m looking for a guild to raid with. I just came back from a hiatus (left before BWL) due to travel for work, but because of COVID-19 I am back for the foreseeable future.

About me:

  • Pure DPS fury war (no OT gear, sorry!)
  • Full clear MC and Ony experience
  • Bring consumables to raid (except maybe mongoose that s*** is expensive!)
  • Pre-bis, 100% mount, don julios, 100 FR, Ony cloak, pretty much need raid gear at this point :smiley:
  • Mining, other prof 0 but I am open to choosing one based on guild need

What I am looking for:

  • Casual environment, no min-max, but still focused on weekly progression
  • Chill and mature guild, people who are great to get to know via discord chat outside of raiding
  • DKP or comparable system that rewards effort and showing up to raids consistently

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey man if youre still looking pst me ingame some time

** If you are down for a guild that is working on progression in BWL. 3/8 with Ony and MC on Farm. We are looking for more skilled and experienced players that can consistently make raids for our Raid Group 1 on Wed MC / Sun BWL or our Raid Group 2 that runs MC currently on Tuesday / Thurs as a joint run but trying to build up for solo saturday runs. Loot is handled by DKP with 10% weekly decay to allow new members to catch up to veterans and not always be over shadowed. We have a few recruitment posts in this forum if you want more details or feel free to contact me Khaalathas, Grahn, Caylo, or Hoolla