[H] <Exodus> (Est. 06) | Split raids| Alt-Friendly! | 8/8 BWL | Resto Druid/Holy Priest

Morning everyone!

Bump for the only guild I ever raided with ( MC - AQ40 ). I was not a very good rogue but was always treated fairly and with respect.

Good luck to you all, hope you’re having fun!

thanks for the kinda words!

Do you guys take handsome human warriors?

Asking for a friend.

of course!

cath was once a human but then he took an arrow to the skull.

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no comment cath that hurts

fine then dont love me

can not love you

I love you

don’t you lie to me :frowning:

I’ve never lied to you. <3

You always lie to me, Nullify. :expressionless:

Join the guild for more bromance fun


And bananas don’t forget about the bananas.

bananas are banned, sir

What is Exodus’s feelings on turtles? :thinking:

Turtles are amazing. I love turtles, and my son loves turtles – who doesn’t love turtles :smiley:

Just a quick testimonial for the friendliness of the guild. I needed to kill a few of the fire elementals in Arathi last night for my Warlock quest. Two of their membrs (Druid and Priest, sorry cant remeber their names) were there farming.

I whispered the druid and asked for some quick help. They instantly invited me, put loot on free for all and let me get my quest items. I thanked them, they buffed me and i went on my merry way.

It may not seem like a lot, but saved me bunch of time and a headache of killing mobs 5 levels higher at the time.

Seems like good people to me.