{H} Execute Phase - 10M Tue/Wed 8-11pm EST Raiding Guild LF Ele Sham/Warlock

Execute Phase is recruiting for the upcoming Cata Expansion. 2 day raiding schedule, lead by competent, proven leadership. Tuesday/Wednesday schedule from 8-11 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Our core 5 players have been raiding together off and on since TBC was released the first time. We played the usual 25 man raiding landscape, but in late WotLK (first time) realized that 10 man groups were much more manageable, and fun. It was easier to progress at a rapid pace, and to make true friends that would last a lifetime. With Cata releasing and putting 10M and 25M gear on par we trimmed the fat and stayed 10M until its death due to 20M Mythic raiding.

As we have gotten older and more nostalgic, the release of Cata has brought some of us back to the game to re-live the glory days. We were highly successful in Cata and and MoP the first time around on a longer schedule, but with our experience we expect great results off of a 2 day raiding schedule.

What we are Looking for:

Druid Tank would be the highest prio
Warrior/DK following up

Ele Sham

While all of these are preferred options, our guild is highly flexible as we have all juggled 2-3 alts at hardcore raiding levels for years to be competitive as different fights or tiers demanded. Any good player is welcome to inquire. NO SQUEEKERS


We want you focusing on your main character, possibly an alt that could help in certain situations, and simply having fun with the game. We don’t want you out grinding for flasks or potions or food for the raid before reset. WE PROVIDE 100% FOR THE RAID. That means your flasks, your potions, your repairs, (When possible your gems and enchants)

We don’t rage scream during raiding, that’s just not us. It’s a chill environment. We play with good players, whom we get along with. If we don’t mesh it’s no hard feelings, we just part ways. With that being said we expect good players that don’t make silly mistakes. We have done these raids before at the hardest difficulties and tend to do so again with great success. We all make sure we are knowledgeable about the fights ahead of time (we’ve done it already, we prep for any changes, if you haven’t done them we expect you to watch a video to minimize downtime).

As we all level and play many alts we do gear funnels quite frequently for alts that will be helping the raid. It’s all about community, not a MEGA GUILD, or a 25man where there are 5 different cliques of people that hang out.

If you’re interested please contact myself, or one of my officers:


Looking for a few players to fill out the raid

Take it to the top!

Looking for a solid tank!

Need an ele shaman like they going out of style