[H] Exalted Recruiting Tues/Wed+ 6PM Server

Exalted is recruiting for Tues/Wed 6PM server. Preparing for AQ.
Primary BWL raid Tuesday, followed by MC clear. Wednesday’s are used for ZG/Ony extra raids. We also rotate other raids in as much as possible.

Currently looking for multiple Fury Warriors, a Rogue and a Hunter.

We run Monolith DKP.

All raiders welcome!

Message Bloodstruck (Blood#3653), Skrib, Vitriolic or Smackdacks for an invite. Reach out to other members online for direction to someone who may also be able to answer any questions.

I’d love an invite!


Msg me on discord!

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I joined up with these guys a week ago and I couldnt be happier.

Extremely friendly people and very skilled. We cleared BWL this week, one shotting most bosses. Beat Chromag with Time Lapse.

If you want a great grp of people to play with, a tight knit, mature group, then join Exalted.

I couldnt be happier and I am glad I found them. My classic experience is perfect right now.