[H] Evolved Gaming 18+ Community Recruiting

Have you been searching for a guild that feels like home, has a sense of community, and can make friendships that last? Are you searching for a guild that knows what it’s like to be a parent, a working adult, or just busy in real life but still enjoys playing video games in your free time? If you answered yes, then Evolved Gaming will be perfect for you! We understand that real life comes first, but it’s nice to have that online family and community to come home to in your free time.

Evolved was created to provide a drama free, family oriented, and people focused environment for mature (18+) gamers who wish to play online without the antics often found in open games. We believe that the person behind the keyboard is more important than the pixels on the screen and that everyone should have the opportunity to play without fear of being harassed, heckled, or abused.

Evolved originally started in World of Warcraft Alliance (Proudmoore) when a group of players who had been together for years decided to set out and create their own gaming community that truly felt like home. We wanted a place where players could have a fun time in a relaxed casual atmosphere but still be able to have a sense of accomplishment as a guild. Evolved was created to give its members a place to play various games together while being able to stay together in a community.

We wanted a place where brand new players as well as the experienced player can feel welcome and feel like they belong. Our goal as a guild in any game we play is to experience as much of the content together as possible-from leveling and exploring the zones, to dungeons, end game raids, or guild pvp. Evolved is a place where you can come to game, hang out with friends, and just have fun!

Evolved is excited to offer Chapters in:
World of Warcraft-Alliance Proudmoore Server
Elder Scrolls Online
World of Warcraft-Horde Area 52 Server

You can apply at our forums at:

Evolved Gaming is focused on building connections and friendships that grow not just in one game, but can evolve and span across many games and communities. Our player’s want more than just a bunch of random people to join them in games, but people who actually care and want to be there. We would love to have you be part of our community!

Husband and wife looking for a new home
[H] DH DPS & Healer LFG
Ignore pls
[H] 365 Warlock looking for raiding guild
WW Monk/Ret Paladin LF guild
374 DH LF Raiding Guild
385 Hunter LF Raiding Guild (2 days a week)
AE looking to Merge. Awesome idea i know! But wait there's more...!
380 Balance Druid - LF Semi-Casual / Heroic Raid Guild
371 Resto / Elemental Shaman LF T-R Raids
Skilled Players looking Heroic Raid Guild
Resto Druid 2/9M 9/9 H LF Guild
Looking for raiding guild
385 boomy/bear (horde)
397 MW/WW/BRM and a 395 Spriest LF raiding guild
3 players LF a new home
386 ilvl Retribution Paladin 2/8M, 8/8H, 8/8N
374 warlock lf guild
Spriest checking what's out there
384 Havoc Demon Hunter LF new Horde guild
7/8M 387 BrM Tank LF Guild
[H] 365 Pally Tank LF casual H raid guild
393 BM hunter LF Horde Raiding Guild
Returning WRATH player LF A New Home
385 holy paladin looking for raiding guild
Warrior LF Guild to Raid with
[A] Returning ex-Raider looking to Raid Again
379 DH with 373 Tankadin Toon Area 52
390 ilvl Ret 5/8m Uldir 3/9h BoD exp looking for raiding guild
367 Protection paladin LFG
370 Prot Pally LFG
Returning player looking for AotC guild
Raiders LF Progression Guild
2/9H BOD 387 Hpriest LFG casual/semi-HC
Ilvl395 HPally LFG
380 Boomkin LF Raiding Guild
[H] Returning player looking for friends or a guild
6 Friends looking for a home
366 Shadow Priest looking for guild
386 MW Monk LF Raiding guild (Old MoP raider coming back)
Flex raider LF long term guild
(H)376 monk tank LF est guild
Two friends looking for a change
397 Rogue LF Casual guild doing Herioc Battle and +10 weekly Mythics
LF Social guild with good players
Looking for raiding guild
380 Destruction Warlock LF Raiding Guild
374 Panda LF Love <3
398 Balance Druid and 393 Mistweaver LOOKING FOR GUILD
MW Monk LF Raiding Team
Resto Druid LF Raiding guild
Returning player looking for a new raiding home
394 H Priest LF Guild
Returning 372 Prot War Looking for guild
405 ilvl dk 400 ilvl priest looking
2 semi casuals LF M+ Guild
405 resto druid LF m+ home
LFM casual weekend nights
Prot pally and friends LF guild
[H]<Area 52>Evolved Gaming Recruiting! 18+ gaming community
<H>391 Ret Paladin
(H) 381 Prot Pally LF Guild!
386 Resto Shaman or 388 Resto Druid LF Guild
DK Priest LF new home
DK looking for a new home
360 Ret paladin/spriest/DH LF guild
[Area 52][Horde] 6 Raiders LFGuild!
375 DH lf guild

I’ve been with the Evolved Alliance group for over 2 years now. Its an amazing community of a ton of great, fun people. Everyone is welcoming and friendly :smiley:

If you are looking for a guild to call home, don’t be afraid to give Evolved a try!!


Love our community! Come help us build our Horde guild on Area 52. We’re just starting out, so it’s really casual: leveling, dungeons, world content, old raids, etc.


We are a ever growing community that is always looking for new members to join us. We offer Website with forums… Discord for chatting. We play different games along the way as well such as…

WoW Alliance (Proudmoore)
WoW Horde (Area 52)
Elder Scrolls Online

Play some shooter games such as…
Ring of Elysium
The Division
Fallout 76

We are not just a guild that plays WoW… we play lots of different games to keep out community growing. Come join us and have some fun.


We are always looking for the casual side of gamers that are looking to Level up there toons or alts. We are looking to gather more members for running Mythic Plus dungeons, more so looking for tanks and healers but always looking for outstanding members to join our ranks.

Mythic plus dungeons are a nice way to ease into all walks of life that WoW throws our way. Learning mechanics as well as how to quickly think on your feet to get the job done.

Check out our website or message us in game
Alliance (Proudmoore) - /who Evolved
Horde (Area 52) - /who Evolved gaming

Best of luck to all and have a great day.


Great community lots of fun! I have just joined yesterday and I’m already getting to know the folks. This is a very friendly bunch of folks across TONS of games. It’s NOT just a wow guild its a family!


Starting to gather more members at different levels. Looking for more to start doing some mythic plus dungeons and work as a team and learn mechanics. Who knows what the future has in store for us once we get enough for raiding…

Come check us out.


Amazing community filled was a ton of fun people! The Horde guild on Area 52 has been growing a bunch lately and I am excited to see where it goes! Great leadership and fun members to get to know :smiley:

If you are looking for a guild to call home, Evolved Gaming is the place for you! We are in multiple games such as World of Warcraft Horde, World of Warcraft Alliance, ESO, Overwatch, Warframe, and more! You will find yourself with an amazing online community and family and always have great people to talk to while you are gaming!


Still looking to grow our family here on Area 52! We’re looking for casual players and those that want to help us jump start guild raiding, run M+'s, etc. Check out our website (evolvedgaming .org) or do a /who Evolved Gaming in game. If you’re an Alliance player, we also have a guild on Proudmoore (/who Evolved).

Hope to see you join our community!


We attempted our first raid last night. We managed to gather 7 guild members and we pugged the rest up to 15 raiders last night for our first ever Normal Uldir run. We managed to get 5 bosses down.

Thanks to all the members that showed up and to all the pug members that stayed with us.

We are still looking for more members to join our ever growing community. Once we get more members we can start building a raid team.


We have solidified a tentative raid schedule and are looking for more members to join our growing family here on Area52!!

Anyone who is interested in joining up (for raids, m+, or even just for the community) just visit our website --Evolvedgaming.org–, or simply type “/who evolved gaming” in game and we can answer any questions or get you started in joining up!

I hope to see you all in game!!


Hope everyone is enjoying 8.1!! Always exciting to have new content to explore! :smiley:

If you are looking for a guild to call home, Evolved Gaming is the place for you! We are in multiple games such as World of Warcraft Horde, World of Warcraft Alliance, ESO, Overwatch, Warframe, Fallout 76 and more! You will find yourself with an amazing online community and family and always have great people to talk to while you are gaming!

Check out our website: community.evolvedgaming .org
Alliance-Proudmoore server- /who Evolved
Horde -Area 52 server - /who Evolved gaming
Just whisper anyone online and ask to talk to an officer for more information!


The horde side of Evolved is growing! Our raid roster is filling up! We are looking to start up scheduled raiding soon! Look us up online at our website listed above or /who evolved gaming on area 52 and message anyone online to start up the conversation.

Remember, the only wrong action is the action not taken. Shoot us a message, chat with us, soon you will fall in love with our amazing community.


Looking for all and any new members for some fun times on the horde side while we build up. Just starting out on the horde side a little over a month ago and we already have done some Mythic plus dungeons as well as started raiding… We dont have enough for a whole group but its coming in all due time.

Horde Raiding
Thursday and Sunday at 8:30pm EST to 10:30pm EST

We are currently looking for all kinds of DPS and a few healers with DPS offspecs.


Happy Reset Day! Hope everyone gets some great loot!

The constantly growing Horde side of Evolved is still looking for members! Come check out Evolved Gaming to find yourself part of an amazing, friendly community! Now is the perfect time to find an online home to settle in to start out the new year!

Check out our website: community.evolvedgaming .org
Alliance-Proudmoore server- /who Evolved
Horde -Area 52 server - /who Evolved gaming
Just whisper anyone online and ask to talk to an officer for more information!


Our community is growing and if you’re looking for a fun, friendly, laid back atmosphere. If you want to help us grow our raiding team, or just have some great people to hang out with while playing the game, we could be the place for you!


Happy xmas eve everyone…

Always looking for new members to join our community… check out our website and dont be afraid to ask some questions. :slight_smile:


Still looking for more to join our growing community! Whether you want to raid, dungeon grind, or just hang out and chill with some awesome people, give us a shout!


The new year is just around the corner. Maybe its time for some new beginnings with a new guild? Check is out… look around the website and if you like what you see then register with the website .

Hope you all have a safe and happy new year.


With the new raid coming up on Jan 22. We would like to get some more members in so that we can start right away. Always looking for Tanks and Healers (With offspec) as well as all kinds of DPS

Even if you dont raid we still want you, Dont have to be a raider to be in our Guild. We still do dungeons and Warfronts and Island Expos.

Come check out our website at https:// evolvedgaming . org