[H] *EVOLVE* Area 52 2/8M LFM Tue/Weds LF a few reliable raiders


Evolve is back and ready to rebuild for 8.1 Evolve aims to push challenging content on a lighter schedule while maintaining a fun but serious raiding atmosphere.
We are rebuilding from a solid core group who has been playing together since MoP. Cutting Edge content is the ultimate goal going into 8.1. Maintained CE through Legion, WoD and MoP.

While CE is our goal we want to be more than just a raid team. We want to create a family in game. A place that people can call home. Most of our members are older and view the game as a place to kick back and relax. Raiding isn’t a job and shouldn’t feel like a chore. We believe in making raid fun and creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where people aren’t afraid to ask questions or offer up suggestions. If you’re looking for a relaxed, friendly group of people to play with and would like to raid with a group who values progression without the weight of a “hardcore” schedule or mentality Evolve could be the perfect place for you.

Any and all exceptional applicants are encouraged to apply

Current Progression:
8/8 H 2/8M
(Rebuilding with a solid core for mythic)

Legion Progression:
11/11 M Anturus CE
8/9 M ToS
10/10 M Nighthold CE
2/3 M Trial of Valor
7/7 M EN CE

Raid times:

  • Tuesday: 8-11 EST
  • Wednesday: 8-11 EST

Contact info:
Btag: Jazmina#1630

384 Enh shaman and 380 holy paladin lf guild
DH 395 - 6/9H 9/9N LF Progression Guild
407 Unholy/Frost Dk LF Raiding Guild
386 Mage Looking
3/8M Exp Lock Reroll LF Guild
No Longer Looking...Thank you
5/8 M raider LF mythic guild
370 Healer LF Raiding Guild
Found guild, closed
Looking for Guilds
[H] 372 Rogue LF Home
370 Shaman and 365 Druid LF Guild
[H] 365 Warlock looking for raiding guild
380 RDruid LF mythic raiding guild
Ww/mw + ele shaman LF GUILD
Experienced raider(heals) looking for a new home
Dk/dh/lock lf a mythic guild 2/8m
Healer looking for raiding guild
Horde Resto Shaman - 4/8M Experience - Looking For Raid Home
375ilvl Healer lf Mythic Raiding Guild.
(H) Brewmaster LF guild (Mythic)
Druid Resto LF Guild
2/8M 1.1 K Guardian Druid LFG
[H] Hunter and Boomkin LF Guild
380+ Rsham 375 H priest 4/8m LFG
2/8M 376 H Pally LF Raid Guild
380 Frostmage LF mythic guild
(H) 379 Resto Druid LF Guild
380 Rdruid former CE LF mythic guild
383 Resto Shaman LF raiding guild
370+ Tank/DPS + Healer Combo LF Guild
[H] 380 h/disc priest LF 2 day mythic guild
380 BM-Hunter 2/8M - DK Tank 360 Looking for a Raiding guild
Disc priest LF Raiding guild
[H] Area-52 ILVL 370 Holy Paladin iLVL 369 MW monk LF raiding guild
BM hunter looking for Heroic Guild
Warlock looking for a Raiding group and a guild to chill with
375 Rogue Looking for Chill guild. [H]
2/8M Rogue LF home (92% M-Ghuun to help friends)
370 lock/360 mage lf guild
384 affliction warlock
[H] Prot Pally 5/8M LF Guild
2 People Looking for Guild
2 Healers looking for options
No longer looking
385 Resto Druid Looking for guild
Group of 3 friends looking for guild (Zul'jin Horde)
LF Friendly/Social Guild
367 Blood Dk/360 Elemental Shammy looking for a home
373 DK Tank/Dps LF Guild
5/8M Blood DK TANK LFG
Warlock/Druid Looking for a Mythic Guild!
[H] 375 rogue lf 8/8h min, previous us 20s raider
369 Warlock looking for guild
370 Guardian Druid LF Raid Guild!
8/9H Guardian + Ele Shaman
375 Spriest/370 Hunter/Warlock LF 1-2 night raiding guild
2/8m rogue looking for guild
385 Assassin Rogue Lf Horde Guild
352 Demo Lock LF Guild
6/8M 3 dps and 2 healers LF GUILD
(Illidan) 380 Brewmaster LF Guild for raid and Mythic plus

Looking for Ranged dps and tank!


Still looking for some deeps and a meat shield!


:eyes: :ok_hand:


still looking for ranged


Looking for a tank and a few ranged.



Come join team baby feet.




NEed some ranged love. Where the magic fingers at?!


Looking for a neato resto druid or disc priest. :ok_hand:


Baking cookies and giving out hugs to resto druids.


Healers hmu Azurah#11967


Looking for some hotties…healers with hots we need you.


Hey, im interested in joining your team.


Do you have room for an exceptional MW, DH, and Ret? The MW has a Spriest alt. All of us are above 395 ilvl with 36+ HoA looking to push CE. Your guild has perfect times!


I think I added your btag, Thunderdome#1817, I play a DH ilvl 395, 6/9H 9/9N.


Blood DK :slight_smile: