[H] Esprit G6 - 5/10M LF DPS 8:30-11:30pm Wed/Thu/Sun - GMT+10

Esprit is a guild located on HORDE Thaurissan+Dreadmaul+Frostmourne+Jubei’thos+Gundrak and is comprised of a multi-national community in a semi casual guild environment to push progression together.

Our guild has 8 raid teams running every day across several time zones, and the guild is constantly filled to the 1,000 member limit - at peak times we often see over 80 people online at a time. We have so many active players that we also maintain an alt guild for people to park their less-active alts.

Joining Esprit is a great opportunity to be part of a community that does all kinds of content - we have people running keys from 2 to 23+, organised achievement raids, Heroic raid speed-clear competitions, transmog competitions and Torghast groups running all the time.

My raid team is a semi-casual group which raids Wed + Thu + Sun 8:30-11:30pm GMT+10 (Server Time).
We are recruiting exceptional players in ALL roles to improve on our current roster, however, in particular we are searching for:

-Ranged DPS, specifically mage/boomy
-One healer (Holy Pal/Resto Sham/Disc Priest) preferably with a DPS offspec

Sometimes we troll each other a bit too much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but we’re all friendly adults and buckle down when we get to progression.

If interested, please contact:
Bnet: Wuggy#1923

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Just got back after a break. Matter of fact, just ding 60 yesterday. I was wondering whether do you have groups for upcoming/returning raiders.

The last raid I did was Anturos, the burning throne. (11/11H).

Hey Flaver, feel free to add my bnet wuggy#1923 and we can have a chat about a group that’s a good fit for you.

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