H EP 5/8 N EP 8/8 LF a few Dps (AOTC Guild and light Mythic )


We are a 12 year old guild and our raid team has been together for going on 3 years . We are LF a couple DPS to expand our raid team . Any talented player that can hold there own ,do mechanics are committed to showing up most of the time are welcome to have a discussion with me in Discord at Horse#5014 Let’s see if we are a “good fit” .Raid times are Tues and Wed 5:45 Pm Pst (845 Est) and we stop at the 3 hour mark . Fridays during new progression are 6-8 Pm Pst . We are large active guild that runs keys ,RBGs , and arenas . Ty Horse on US Mok’Nathal connected US Silvermoon .


Buyer beware. Routinely needs to pug 30-40% of raid to carry them through content. Warcraftlogs verifiable.


CAN CONFIRM this guild is TOXIC and pure drama. Stay far away! Guild leader and his son the “raid leader” are toxic and abusive to their raiders.