[H][Eonar/Velen] <Ascension> 3/9M Is Looking for Exceptional Ranged DPS


About Us
Ascension has hardcore endgame raiding goals and tries to accomplish them with a casual 2 night, six hours a week raid schedule. We’ve been a guild since TBC and have been raiding ever since. We have a lot of mature and skilled players who are here to have fun and make friends. With that said we are all also a bit older now, majority of the guild is now in their 30’s and most of us have work, families and other priorities that keep us from raiding every night, so we’ve switched to a casual friendly mature environment that works for us.

Raid Times
Tuesday 8:00pm - 11:00PM EST
Thursday 8:00pm - 11:00PM EST

What we want:
We are looking for mature players who will be able to join our core raiding roster and help us progress through Mythic content in a timely manner.

Class needs:
Mainly looking for Ranged DPS, but If you are an exceptional player then feel free to contact us regardless of class.

*With only a few raid days we require high-attendance (90%+ at minimum).
*Listen and do what the raid leader asks of you without attitude. If you don’t want to be part of a team, then we don’t want you here, simply put. We work together - not against each other.
*Aren’t afraid to communicate with the team.
*Exceptional raid awareness - Everyone needs to pull their weight in a Mythic environment. Numbers do not matter if you aren’t paying attention to the encounter.
*Able to take constructive criticism and/or advice from the raid leader and guild officers.

Contact us:
If you have any interest in joining, add our Battle Tags. We are currently doing Cross-realm trials.

Seitus#1669(My Btag) or Zugor#1902

380 Holy Priest & 378 Aff Lock LFG

This is a great place that I have called home since wotlk, we try to make the most of the raid time since we only do 6 hours a week!


We’re still looking for a Mage/Warrior.


Still need one of them there warriors =)


Still looking for a Warrior and some Ranged DPS.


RANGE WARRIORS NEEDED!!! 2 Days a week, 6 hour commitment! Progress and Friends! what more could you want…

(Zugar) #7

1 day before the next raid! Come Raid with us, as we burn down the Alliance Threat.

(Zugar) #8

We are under attack by the alliance, send more casters!!! Meet you at the throne room…