[H] <Envelop> - 9/10M - Team FR | Tues/Thurs | 2 Day CE Focused

OUR GUILD: Envelop
OUR TEAM: Free Repairs
WE ARE: Horde
WE’RE ON: US - Illidan


Tuesdays & Thursdays
from 7:30 to 10:30pm CT


Team Free Repairs was formed with the simple goal of completing as much content as possible, all within a light schedule each week. We don’t do sale runs, we don’t add mandatory optional nights, and we don’t require anything other than you playing your favorite character to the best of your ability. Individuals who will find success on this team are prepared to raid by being online 10 minutes prior to the start of raid, prepared with ALL consumables for the entire night, ready with knowledge and energy to progress on even the most frustrating bosses and ready to keep cool under pressure. On this team, you will find yourself called out for mistakes, botched mechanics, and/or low overall numbers. It is only when you are accountable for your actions that we can work together to correct them. Our team is comprised of adults seeking to down content given a light schedule each and every week. If you have anything that impedes your ability to make raid each week or perform to the best of your ability, this team is not for you. Emergencies can and will happen and we will do our best to respect everything, but we will not tolerate raiders who miss more than a week or so per tier. All raiders who apply to this team will be given a more detailed version of our requirements and expectations before joining.


7/10 M CN | Former 1 night schedule


9/10 M SoD
We were 1 night a week until 7/10M

These needs are for 9.2, but if needed we would bring in sooner.


  • Shadow Priest
  • Demo Warlock
  • Balance Druid
  • WW Monk
  • Havoc DH


  • MW Monk
  • Holy Paladin
  • Resto Druid

We also have bench spots available.

Our bench, similar to other mythic teams is an extremely important role. People can and will miss raid at times, life happens. We wouldn’t be able to keep progressing if we didn’t have a few extra raiders who can fill in on our raid days. Even if you do not see your class listed above, apply and indicate you’re interested in a bench spot. We rotate our bench in on farm and sometimes during progression if needed. Bench players are NOT required to trade loot!

We will always promote from our bench to the core if a spot becomes available! If we are full, this is your ONLY chance to make the core!

Please indicate in your app that you are applying for a bench role so we do not discard your app when our core is full.

Still need more info?

All are welcome to apply!

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