[H] [Enigma] 8/8H LF DPS to round out our team, AoTC Focused

I am a DK looking for a guild for DF. I am returning to the game after a break during 9.1/9.2. I like raid tanking or melee dps and I have previous AOTC experience.

Bump, Still looking!

Need a mage?

Bump, still looking!

still looking, bump

Hi, i am a 402 havoc demon hunter with a elemental shaman alt that is 385-390. Are you still looking for people? My raid progress so far in DF is 8/8 N and 5/8 H. I play on hyjal, EST.

Hey Gwyn, we are still looking for people. Demonhunter would be a great addition to the team. Add me to battlenet or discord and we can talk more!
Battlenet: Tanuki#1443, Discord Kaijay#3575

Just added you on discord. My name on there is venusvagtrap#4216