[H] Enhancement Shaman & Holy Priest LF Raiding Guild

My buddy and I are looking for a guild for TBC, the previous guild we found fell apart before our first raid. :expressionless: I have a 70 enhancement shaman and my friend is a 70 holy priest. We both raid mythic on retail, so we’re looking for something more chill on the weekends. Our availability is Friday-Sunday (anytime) and Monday (5pm PST or later). I’d prefer a 1 or 2 night guild if possible. We’ve both played since 2006 and have a lot of experience and skill. We’ve both hit 70 and are currently working on our pre-raid bis and are raid ready.

My in-game name is Pepper (I forgot I was logged into my retail toon) and Dash O’Pepper#4369 is my discord.

Level 70 Enhancement Shaman & 70 Holy Priest Duo.

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