[H] Endless Pastabilities | New Guild

Hi Folks on Thrall,

While there is no shortage of guilds, we are hoping that there might be some of you out there looking for a change of pace.

Endless Pastabilities was created by a group of friends that have played wow together for quite some time.

We’re working to bringing back that sense of guild community (not just logging in to raid), building friendships that last beyond the game, and working together to accomplish the things WoW has to offer!

About us:
Raid days - Friday and maybe Saturday 9:30 PM - 12 AM Server
Eventually community events, dedicated mythic plus groups to help gear or to push keys, and everything in between!

Our guild is relatively small but looking to grow slowly with the right type of people. We want people who are patient, with a mentorship attitude and want to have fun and progress at a pace that doesn’t cause stress or toxicity.

If you are interested or have any questions, add me on discord: Star#0985


Absolutely amazing guild heard they have a amazing blood dk :wink: but seriously super cool people if you’re like me having a hard time finding that group that you can joke with and just have fun but get stuff done you can look no longer we’re here for ya!

\o We’ve had some really great recent additions! Still looking for more to build our community.

Still looking to grow the community. Come join the fun!

I’m interested. Feel free to add me btag Hadorek#1253

Please add me btag Raskreia#11966

Hey Hadorek! Sorry I haven’t been checking this thread. I’ll add you on bnet sometime today and get you invited!

Kari - welcome to the guild <3

\o/ The Thrall community is amazing and we’ve had some really great new guild members.

If you’re looking for that guild community feel, check us out!

\o Looking for more wonderful peeps. Hit me up on discord if you want to learn more

Assisting with the bump.

Oh dang! 14 days…we’re still here and we’re still open for all those interested in joining!

Hi! Real life guild member here in Endless Pastabilities. I just wanted to leave some feedback for anyone that is looking into this guild. If you are looking for a guild with really great community, that feels like the good ol’ vanilla guilds, this really is the place to be.

I’ve been a member for about a month now? And anytime I log in, there are people online, there are officers online, and I’m logging in PST time, late nite for an EST guild. Everyone is engaging and helpful.

It’s really nice to log in and not be faced with drama and catiness, just a nice chill atmosphere. There’s no race to be the best, there are no cocky attitudes, everyone is just here playing the game and having fun.

If you want to raid? The leadership is amazing for raiding. They take it seriously while still being able to maintain a light atmosphere (there I go with that word again). There is no screaming, or yelling, if you do something wrong it is very constructively pointed out to you (lumbering form anyone?).

Star is phenomenal with raid calling and leading, she is calm, informative, she knows the fights and knows the strats. It’s really a great raid environment for calm serious progression.

Want to run a key? There seems to always be people online to run a key with you. Even if it’s a low one.

As they have gotten more members, I see more things going up to do as a guild group…like the other day (unfortunately I missed it) there was a M TOS mog run.

I’m just very happy to have found a place that really seems like home, if that makes sense. Anyhoo…just happy to be here and felt like sharing.


Hello, I know I am bumping this from November but I would love to join. I added you on discord and can’t wait to join a great community. Thank you.

New patch, new friends!