[H] Encore WED/(THURS) 8:00PM MC/ONY Farm

Encore is a Wed/Thurs/Sun night guild that is looking for great personalities. We clear MC/ONY on Wednesday and run 8:00pm-11:30pm. We use an EPGP loot system and discord for communication.

We have an immediate need for resto sham/resto druid but are considering all great players!

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Thanks Aqua!

We are currently seeking a resto shaman and a resto druid, warrior, rogue, and mage. However we are always considering exceptional applicants.

To apply fill out this short form.

Our Discord:

< Encore > is a serious and formulated Horde raiding guild founded on the Thalnos realm. Progression raids run on Wednesday and Thursday, from 8pm to 11:30pm EST. An additional Sunday raid remains open for content such as Onyxia, and in the future will host older tier farm raids. We currently one-shot clear both Molten Core and Onyxia on Wednesday, and have been doing so consistently for many months. Distribution of loot in raids is governed by the EP/GP system (Effort Points & Gear Points). Encore’s effort point system incentivizes repeat attendance, punctuality, and preparedness. Recruitment is open to Restoration Shaman and Druids, DPS or tank Warriors, Rogues, and Mages. All others are welcome to apply. We always give serious consideration to exceptional players with good attitudes.


We are a diverse group of players with mixed experiences and backgrounds. Our shared love for WoW and a desire to participate in a raiding guild that’s well organized and values community above all else is the substance that binds us together. We possess the knowledge and ability to remain ahead of the raiding progression curve while prioritizing enjoyment. Various systems and guidelines critical to raid success are in place, and are supported by a group of seasoned and level-headed officers. Encore’s leadership believes in giving back more and taking less in return, and in remaining impartial, transparent, and fair. Our attention is directed toward building up the players on the team, insulating ourselves from the squabbles and theatrics of realm politics that plague raiding scenes. The guild exists to create an endgame PvE experience that is rewarding, reliable, and conducted in a professional manner. We appreciate Azeroth for what it is, an exotic world of grand proportions, epic journeys, and exciting challenges.

Feeling adventurous? Apply by filling out this short form.

Our Discord

Bump. Still recruiting; come check us out before BWL drops.