[H] <Empire> Looking for All

Empire is a newly formed guild that is looking for “Weekend Warrior” types to raid Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. We would like to work toward Friday and Saturday for 40 man raids and Sundays for 20 man raids from 8pm to 10 - 11pm server time.

We are seeking mature, friendly people who want to work together as a team to achieve these goals. We understand the weekday grind and want to make the guild a drama free environment to relax and unwind during downtime.

We realize running a guild is a difficult task at times, we are looking for people who believe in a similar goal for a guild and will help with guild leadership by taking officer roles. (We also need a raid leader!)

If your looking for a change, are just hitting 60 or want to feel that rush of downing a raid boss for the first time with a new team, hit us up!

Please contact myself or Panzerdragon ingame with any questions!

~ Goodybag