[H-Earthfury] <Fatality> - 4 Groups 10/10 - Recruiting Heals/Warlocks

Fatality is recruiting for core raid positions. Respectful and competitive yet laid back environment with a focus on clearing content efficiently. Guild cleared 10/10 SSC/TK week one (Server 4, US 80, World 413). All groups have been 10/10 for a while now.

Raid Schedules & Interests (Times are EST)
Raid X - Tues/Weds | 18:00 - 21:00 (6pm-9pm)
Holy Priest, Resto Shaman, Resto Druid

Raid Y - Tues/Weds | 21:00 - 00:00 (9pm-12am)

Raid T - Thurs/Mon | 21:00 - 00:00 (9pm-12am)
Shadow Priest

Raid Z - Sun | 16:00 - 22:00 (4pm-10pm)
Holy Priest, Resto Shaman, Resto Druid

Please PM (Discord = Demonstrate#3483) or find me in-game for more information.
Note: Always recruiting any high performing player regardless of class/spec


You didn’t mention the 10 Karazhan groups that will likely move to 12 with new folks and alts.

Like the man said above, we are looking for a few key classes to max out the raid groups. If you can make the times and are a reasonable human being, drop a line if you want to see all of the content the game has to offer! If you aren’t a raider but want to try, we have a helpful crew of folks to work with you to get you up to speed.

I will also add that the leadership team is amazing and does a wonderful job coordinating all of the teams.

Come help us finalize our rosters and be part of this great team.

Fantastic guild. I recently joined and I am impressed by the organization and professionalism of the leadership. This allows for a really fun environment where we can focus on the game itself.

This has been the best guild I’ve been in since I started playing WoW. The organization and dedication from the leadership team has made for a friendly and fun environment to play in. Come fill in the last few spots and join an awesome group of people!

Updated needs as of 14 July, 10:20 AM EST

Still looking for more. Doing great things. Also actively going after world bosses.

It’s all been said. Easy going people. Efficient raids. Come be a chad in Fatality. Poggies

Still recruiting. 12 karas and the 4 25-man content each week. Looking to finalize rosters with the core spots listed above.

Currently scheduling raids for the PTR! Come join the fun!

Downed 4 SCC bosses and 2 TK bosses first week on PTR. Heading back this week for more. Great opportunity if you want to clear all TBC content and look forward to WotLK as well.

Updated needs, 4 August!

Going hard on the PTR this week. If that is of interest to you hit us up!

PTR has been super fun so far. I look forward to demolishing T5 content with everyone!

Hi everyone. I am looking for a new home for me and my 2 friends who i met in the US Air Force years ago and have been playing with them ever since. All 3 of us are far above average players, I’d give us a 8-9/10 rating. I play 3 toons, a Hunter (2pc from P1 BIS), a druid tank/dps (very geared both specs, 90% purple) and a week old resto shaman who now has +1700 healing. I’ve spent most of my WoW career healing on druid, priest, pally shaman, and i think i would prefer to main resto shaman going forward. My 2 friends play warlock and rogue. The rogue is close to having his alt lock hit 70, i believe he is 69. Weekend raids work the best for all 3 of us, so do Tuesdays. Although myself and the warlock can raid any day of the week. The rogue has kids and owns a Gym, can only raid tuesday/weekends and it would be nice to continue to play with my two homies. Let me know what you think?

Hey, add my discord and we can chat: Demonstrate#3483

Sounds good, request sent.

Ready for phase 2. Have you found your new home yet? If you’re still out there looking please reach out.

Updated needs for each group - please reach out if you’re interested! Looking to finish all three raid teams.

Bump, drop by our discord and get in touch.

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