[H] <Duskwatch Saberguard> RP guild - Unity through Order!

"Unity through Order!"

The Duskwatch Saberguard is a Suramar-based elite cavalry unit which serves as the eyes and ears for the Suramar military through patrolling, exploration and missions. The unit also serves as a representative of Suramar by attending and taking part in community festivals and by hosting it’s own Moonlight Market Division for Shal’dorei merchants and nobles.

The Saberguard started as Nightborne soldiers that operated solely in Suramar but under a new directive sent from the First Arcanist, we have since branched out to protect and serve the Horde as a whole. An experimental unit, we seek to build new connections to our allies by accepting all races of the Horde into the Saberguard itself. Through the sharing of knowledge, culture and tactics, the Saberguard hopes to strengthen the ties between the Suramar government and the Horde.

Any individual who wishes to learn about Nightborne culture, teach the people of Suramar about other Horde cultures or tactics are welcome among our ranks as equals.


"I’m a troll, am I allowed to join?" - Yes. Even though the Saberguard are led by the Shal’dorei, all races of the Horde are allowed to join as long as they respect the traditions and rules of the Duskwatch. This is an experiment in learning and teaching through joint operations.

"Do I have to ride a manasaber to be in the guild?" - No. Despite this being the required mount of the Shal’dorei members, you are allowed to ride your races’ mount if you’d like. Of course if you want to ride a manasaber, one can be acquired for you!

"I’m not really a fighter, will I be able to take part in guild events?" - Of course! We will have a variety of events to try and fit everyone’s style of RP. Social, military with D20, research and investigations, archaeology, classes, drill/training, comedy, horror and more! We just recently started a Moonlight Market division in our unit where merchants and nobles can host stalls at community events. We are also heavily engaged in server campaigns and festivals throughout the year while also trying to build personal RP stories within the guild.

"What is your stance in the war?" - Due to being a unit within the Duskwatch and Suramar military, we are not neutral in the conflict. We follow the orders of Thalyssra and therefore the Horde Warchief (even if we have conflicted feelings about it). However, we also serve as a home guard and are allowed to create alliances/working relationships with neutral guilds that reside in Horde territory.

"Do you have a Discord?" - Yes! We keep everyone up-to-date on events, storyline, and info in the Discord. Our tumblr is duskwatch-saberguard.tumblr. com

In-game Contacts:
Patrol Captain (GM) - Loviattar
First Blade - Corvin (Deverell- In game name)
First Glaive - Kyndora


This is one of the better guilds out there. Loviattar, the guild leader, has a clear vision and active hand. She’s pro-active about helping you tell your own story and has a level head. I cannot endorse the Duskwatch enough.


Gave me a place to fit in when I came out of isolation and started looking for RP again- quality storylines to follow (both personal and guild), with an overwhelmingly positive vibe (which, as a sarcastic bastard, I feel the need to combat- but nonetheless).

In any case, I can vouch for these guys when in reality I want to vouch them a hundred times over. (And a few more, to be safe.)

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One of my favorite guilds on this server!

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We have a great community and some fun storylines and events planned for this summer!

Oops wrong character hah! Posting from an airport is interesting :laughing:

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I highly recommend for those looking for a Shalassian military guild with high-quality storytelling told all conducted within a friendly atmosphere. You can expect a variety of themes within this guild’s storylines, including knee-slapping humor, darkness, combat, investigation, artifact retrieval and study, escorts, exploration, and espionage among others.

The leadership of this guild, which includes Loviattar and Adheles, are two fine roleplayers on Wyrmrest-Accord and are incredibly friendly, and the passion that they have put into this guild is inspirational. Loviattar’s writing paired with Adheles’ knack for bringing a sense of awe, wit, and humor to events is a match made in heaven, and I am fortunate to have seen this magic at work.

The guild just began its second major campaign, which involves an investigation in missing arcwine shipments from Suramar that will lead us to the open waters of the South Seas, brawling with pirates, and ultimately into the deep depths of Nazjatar.

To reiterate, if you are someone who is looking to get into the Nightborne RP scene or your character has a genuine interest in Nightborne culture as well as military aspects, you need not look any further than this guild.


I’ve been looking to get into the roleplay scene, and to be honest im a beginner. My horde main is a nightbourne hunter on a different server (im looking swap servers even) do you guys help novices/noobs out?

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Sure thing! We try to do what we can to help folks get into the RP and try to provide a comfortable atmosphere for everyone to feel at home. If you’re just wanting to watch for a bit, that’s fine too. We’re all pretty laid back and welcoming.

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I’d like to join in, currently my nightbourne hunter is on Thrall. I’d transfer but itll have to wait for when i can transfer her over. Is there an event i could possibly join in the mean time cross server? my B-tag is Shingen#1869


Im pretty new to horde rp and i made a nightborne priest to try and break the ice. I am really interested in joining if you’re still recruiting. My characters name is Nucix and my btag is Bootstrap#1954 /waves

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Hello! I’m adding you two to btag and will contact you when we’re both available. Work is a little busy around the holiday but expect a message soon!

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Thank ya thank ya! The holiday week has been busy for me as well so i completly understand.

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Just giving this a bump! Again, a good community that’s mainly focused around weekend events!

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Wyrmrest Accordians!

I would like to happily announce that the Duskwatch Saberguard has returned from hiatus and is accepting new members! Planning for the next campaign is underway which will lead the Saberguard into the Shadowlands expansion planned for next year. Debriefings and social events are also planned from now until the beginning of the year where we will begin unpacking what has happened over the course of the Naz’jatar and Mechagon story arcs.

We invite any who are interested in the type of RP offered in this guild to please contact Loviattar, Kuldoryth, or Seilune in-game or Seilune#1192 on Discord.

Quel’vala thonos!

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With 8.3 coming soon and adding them for Allied Races, it seems like a good time to ask: what is this guild’s stance on Death Knights? Nightborne ones in particular, but also in general.

Death Knights will be allowed. The unit has encountered undeath and it’s very much a part of their life now. (Also the GM has been undead for a year now and will be changing over to a DK as soon as 8.3 lands)

We are excited for Shadowlands and are currently preparing for its launch as a guild! Leadership has been working hard at creating storylines and events as well as incorporating new and exciting roleplay opportunities. Reach out if you want in on the fun!

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We have received new orders from Suramar and will head out soon on a new mission. Come along for some fun!

A request for assistance on a case brings us to Orgrimmar while certain members start to get uneasy feelings that something is to come…

The Duskwatch Saberguard prepares for Shadowlands and we will see all of you there!

“For Suramar!”