(H) Duality |T/T 8:30pm-12 | EPGP | 6/6 SWP | shadow priest

Duality | Tues/Thurs 8:30pm-12am | EPGP Loot | 6/6 SWP

Recruiting for:
Shadow Priest

(updated 7/26/22)

Duality is semi-hardcore guild that is progression focused. We expect people to know their classes, have proper gems/enchants, be prepared for raids and know the fights.

To be upfront - we are not looking for new-to-the-game players. We’re looking for people who love to parse well, be part of a team, but do it on a more relaxed schedule.

We’re a guild made up of adults that have real life responsibilities and so we try to treat everyone the way we would like to be treated. We like to laugh and hang out, but we also get serious when it comes to progression. Our goal is to clear content quickly with a group of people who are fun and have similar skill and motivation levels.

Come join us for Sunwell and on into Wrath!

For more information contact:
Discord: Saga#9499 or Tszyu/Moosby#8345
In-Game: Saga (Bellagrace#1300) or (TedMoosby)Tszyu/Moosby#834

I have candy.

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Hey, I like candy! What kind do you have?

Sourpatch Kids.

For the longest time, I thought is was sour candy that was not as sour as it could be, so that kids would eat it.

Then I realized they are shaped like kids. Who eats kids? (undead, usually)

Yeah, sour gummy worms is where it’s at.

If we get a holy pally from this thread I will send them their choice of candy.

Reeses peanut butter cups was my go to. Now its dried apricots and chocolate covered raisins.
Its fruit, so its healthy, right?

Dried apricots and chocolate covered raisins? Sounds like old man food…

You forgot prunes and tapioca pudding.

Right, so to join this guild you have to like prunes, tapioca pudding and dried fruit - who wouldn’t love that?

We are approaching dad guild territory at that point. And I don’t think anyone wants to join that.

I think we’re already there. You’re the king of the dad jokes…

Says the person that takes the portal to Karazhan after raids instead of the portal to Shattrah.

well… i figured you’d get tired of trolling people. clearly i was waaay wrong :smiley:

The beatings will continue until moral improves.

seems to be a solid strategy

Have you ever tried pulling up the blankets on your bed and your hand slipped and you punched yourself in the face?

I just did that.

LOL I have never done that. I should screen shot that and post it in our Discord

Why can’t a gnome be a paladin?

Because it can’t reach the light!

as much as i hate gnomes… that joke was only a 2/5

There’s a witty reply in there somewhere, but I don’t want to get banned again.