[H] <Duality> Recruiting Healers and DPS for Castle Nathria

We here at Duality are looking to add new members to our ranks for raiding in Castle Nathria. We are a progressive raiding guild focused on running normal and heroic (10/10 normal and heroic). We have our own Discord which is required during raids.

We are currently looking for Healers, and DPS. Specifically we are looking for Mistweaver Monks, Holy Paladins, Priests, and Warlocks.

Our raid nights: Wednesday and Thursday, 8:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. EST
Friday is our off night where we mostly do normal and bring alts.

We also run mythic+ dungeons throughout the week and try to get everyone in on some higher keys.

About us:
We are not a hardcore guild by any means and generally maintain a casual and easy-going environment. We raid and play this game for fun, but that doesn’t stop us from pushing AotC with every raid tier. While we encourage everyone to be on for raiding, many of us have families and most of us have lives outside of this game. We get that life gets in the way sometimes. If you are a newer player or perhaps one returning to the game after some time away, we would love to have you!

If any of this sounds good to you then you can Battle tag Orelia#1665 or myself Gaius#1999. Alternatively, you can send Giaus (note the spelling) a whisper or in-game mail. We hope to hear from you soon!

Still recruiting!

hey there was just wondering if you guys are still looking for a tank I have currently been gearing a druid and monk tank my druid is 446 and monk is 436 I havent had a chance to get into Ny’alotha yet but have been watching streams and reading guides i learn quick I also enjoy mythic + havent gotten into pushing high keys but deffiently something I would like to do.
You can contact me on here of by btag cobdevin#1356

I’m afraid we’re set for tanks now, but if you play any other roles you’re still welcome to apply.

Still recruiting!

We would love a priest, warrior, and any ranged dps!

Any intrest in a frost mage? Current Gear score us 460. Previous mythic experience but I’m looking to just have a more casual raid experience. You guys sounds pretty perfect for my current play availability =).

Ah sorry i found a spot, thanks for your possible consideration.

You guys still looking for a warrior?

We are indeed still looking for a warrior if you’re interested. Feel free to message me in game or on battle net (Gaius#1999). Same goes for any other dps or healers reading this!

Still recruiting! Anyone is welcome!

Hello! There is currently a group of three of us looking for a new guild after roster issues in our previous guild. 1 holy priest, 1 resto shaman with DPS offspec, and 1 warlock. Are you still recruiting? We will reach out once we see any of you online.

We are still recruiting if you want to get in touch with either myself or Orelia.

Are you still looking for a dps warrior? I recently came back for 8.3 and my gear is lacking but I wouldn’t mind getting back into raiding and running higher M+ keys.

Bump! Come join us!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!! Come join us!!

We are still recruiting HEALERS!! Come check us out!!

Bumpity bump bump!

Need a holy paladin? I can’t promise every Wed/Thurs due to work schedule but I’m looking to get more into heroic