[H] Druid looking for heroic raiding guild

Hi, I just recently started playing this toon again and faction changed to horde last night and I am now looking for a horde raid guild to join. At the moment I am playing resto but I am happy to go boomkin if needed.

My exp in raiding was 9/11 mythic antorus, 9/9 heroic uldir. I have only pugged normal for battle of dazar and I am currently 8/9N.
I can raid any nights, preferably thurs to sunday.

Hey Laîn,

We’re a Horde guild on Saurfang that is looking to clear Heroic raid content and are looking for more players. Currently we are at 5/9H.

We have one main raid night on Sundays and an optional night on Mondays for extra progression/looking at a Mythic boss etc.

Our raid times are:
7:30-10:30pm ST on Sunday
9-11pm ST on Monday.

Let me know if this interests you. My bnet is Skathlok#6824