[H] Druid LF Guild

Hi and hello! As the title says, I’m a Druid looking to find the right guild for me. I have gear to head into BWL for any of the four Druid specs and I like to pretend that I am competent enough to play any of them at an above average level.

I’m not looking for a super serious guild that tries to push parses or anything like that, but feel free to check my own parses. I’m also not looking for a guild that has major issues clearing BWL at this point, obviously. The one thing I’m looking for above all else is a guild that has fun raiding and is fun to play with. If you’re not having fun playing the game, then why play at all, right?

I’m pretty flexible on raid times though I do prefer weekdays from 8 PM EST onward. I’m not concerned about how loot is handled, any system is fine with me. If you are looking for a Druid to fill your ranks, please feel free to message me anytime you see me online! Lately I’ve been playing less and less though, so the best way to get in contact with me might be through in game mail.

Contact Hexigar with Marvelous Misadventures. We one shot everything in BWL every week. We are Casual but preparing for AQ40 now. We have Loot council. We raid either T/Friday or W/TH depending on what group you want to be in.

They are the most fun people I have ever played with. They don’t force you to do any weird sweaty stuff that hardcores do.

We have 4 Thunderfuries, which I am sure pisses off more hardcore guilds to no end. And- technically by the law of Thunderfury math makes us the best.

But we have had people not show up for clears and so we have spots open.

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