[H][Draka] 404 ilvl Prot Warrior LF Guild


I am looking for a semi-casual, heroic raiding guild. I have raiding experience and I want to join a group. Most of the fun of WOW, for me, has come when I was in a raiding guild and on the team. Now that I am no longer in one, I don’t feel as though I have the same purpose and it drives me away from the game. I am starting college this July and I just want some consistency in my life, something I can go to my dorm and do. I want that thing to be WOW. I would say I am a pretty good tank, I understand my class and the role I must perform. My battle tag is Rage#13633. Add me if you want any further information or such.

(Absolution) #2

Hey there Rage,

I sent you a B-net request from Saxx.
I think you’d be a great addition to our team and I’d love to chat. Please read our little blurb and let me know if you’d like to talk! (=

We’re one of those ‘tight-knit, friendly guilds’ that actually MEAN it. We are a casual guild with a focus on AoTC and the players themselves. =)
Raid time or not, people are online and running mythics, dungeons, leveling alts together, and some PVP here and there.

Current Progression:
Mythic BfD: 1/9
Heroic BfD: 9/9 aotc
Heroic CoS: 2/2 aotc

Raid Times:
Tues+Thurs 8-11pm EST
Alt Run:
Mon 8-11pm EST
Achievement Night: Sunday evenings
& bi-weekly contests

If you’re interested, please add me back and let’s talk!