(H) DK/Warlock LF Mythic Guild

Need Mythic Raiding Guild 2 nights per week starting anytime at or after 9pm eastern. Hoping the guild has some longevity and mythic raiding success.

Both characters have similar mythic raiding experience as well as M+ & PVP.
DK has main tank & DPS experience.
Warlock has played Affliction, Destruction and Demonology.
*1800+io experience for Mythic Plus Dungeons. I mostly focus on helping people push 15’s but willing to push higher.
*Also 1900cr PvP experience during the expansion w/o really trying and hoping to do push.

Both Characters are 450+ilvl, 75 HOA necks, level 7 cloaks with all essences rank 3 except the new 8.3, which are rank 1.

Contact: WarCry#11646

If you’re willing to swap to Alliance, we have a guaranteed spot for your Warlock.

2 nights

Wed/Thurs 9-12 EST

Finished EP @ 4/8M.

Btag: ArrowMan#1935

Hey Maxbrew,

Hootenanny is a guild with a long history of clearing mythic content together and a core that likes to participate in keys, arena, RBGs, etc. We aim for CE each tier on a 1 night / week schedule, and are looking to add solid DPS to our core. We would love a warlock.

I’m posting our info below, please feel free to apply or reach out to an officer if we sound like a good fit!

Greetings Maxbrew,

We are looking for rDPS to add to our mythic raid roster. I’ve sent you a btag invite, hopefully we can chat further.

Cheers ~