[H] <Divinity> | Weds 6 - 9PM PST / Sun 5 - 8PM PST

Guild Name: <Divinity>
Server: Fairbanks - PVP
Raid Times: Wednesday: 6:00pm - 9:00pm PST
Sunday: 5:00pm - 8:00pm PST
Loot Distribution: EPGP - .wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/EPGP
(More specifically we use CEPGP with some tweaks to the defaults)
Website: .wow.deademperors.com
Forums: .p99divinity.enjin.com

About Us
Many years ago Divinity was founded by a close group of old friends and fellow like minded players looking for a place on Everquest Project 1999 they could call home. While Divinity has spanned many games over the years, our core values of maturity and respect towards other players have remained the same. Divinity prides itself as a guild which fosters a positive playing environment and seeks to provide a friendly and helpful experience for its members no matter the game.

Our current focus is casually enjoying PvE / PvP as members of the Horde on Fairbanks - PvP (PST). While most us are based in the US and play in the evenings, we have players all over the world and usually have people on throughout the day looking to group with each other.

Recruitment Needs
At the moment, we do not have a level requirement. We value the player being a good fit more than the character. That said, our current average raid size is around 30-35 players and our needs are:

High - Any healer
Others - Medium/Low

Recruitment Officers
Spryler / Badluk, Repo, Jeisenne, Metas, Kirbstomp

Apply today!

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Hey! Rouge with most of my pre raid bis looking for a guild. Made it to 60 within a month of launch was waiting for my previous guild to level but they have since left the sever. Have a 42 hunter alt as well I would be bringing.

Hi Btwobomber! Be happy to talk to you in game, just look for myself or one of the other recruitment officers next time you’re on.

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Bump! Still have a number of spots open each raid, would love to add some more Shaman (Resto) in particular.

Bump! Lets goooo

Bump! Still looking for more healers, especially Shaman (Resto)!

If you’re a warlock, a mage, or a hunter, and want to see what a great guild really looks like, come talk to us! Now 6/8 BWL join us in time for Nefarian’s demise!