[H] Divine Esports - 9/9N 5/9H - Tues/Thurs 7:30PST - Disc/Rogue/Mage/WW

Divine Esports - Horde - Tichondrius

About Us
Divine Esports is an active horde guild on Tichondrius. We are searching for reliable players to join our mythic progression-raiding team. We harness an active laid-back environment that runs on a strict 2-night 6-hour schedule.

Raid Schedule
Tuesday & Thursday from 7:30-10:30pm PST (10:30pm to 1:30am EST)

9/9H 1/9M - Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible
8/8H 2/8M - Vault of the Incarnates
10/10H - Fated Sepulcher of the First Ones
10/10H - Fated Sanctum of Domination
10/10H - Fated Castle Nathria
11/11 1/11M - Sepuylcher of the First Ones
10/10H 4/10M - Sacntium of Domination
10/10H 5/10M Castle Nathria
12/12H 5/12M Nyalotha
8/8H 4/8M Eternal Palace
9/9H 3/9M BOD
8/8H 2/8M Uldir

We Expect
-High Attendance
-Fully prepared for raids - Includes all consumables and knowledge of fights
-Team player
-Progression mindset, which includes the ability to take constructive criticism

Recruitment Priorities
Tanks: FULL
Healers: Holy Pally
RDPS: Warlock / Shadow / AUG / Mage
MDPS: Demon Hunter / Rogue / Unholy / WW
Will Consider Any Class/Role

Btag: Tyrue#1545
Discord: Tyrue.
Discord: binggles

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Seen your post i play
DPS: (3) Warr / (4) Lock
Tank: (1) DK / (2)BM
Your days and times work for me so if you still need any class that i play would like to hear from you guys thanks. Side note numbers are the order of my preference to play.

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