[H] Divine 5/12M - Fri/Sat 8-11pm PST - LF DPS - CE Focused For Shadowlands

[H] Divine - Tichondrius - 2 Day Fri/Sat Mythic Raiding Guild

Divine is a close-knit group of players that has been playing together for 3+ years. Our players are mainly adult between the ages of 18-40yrs. Passionate, dedicated, competitive individuals that all like to have fun while raiding. Being a more adult guild many of our members have jobs/kids/school etc. so we do not require anyone to play certain number of hours a week but we expect everyone to manage time wisely and keep at least one character raid ready.

We are a progression focused raiding guild looking too form a cutting edge team for shadowlands. Our raid environment is consisting of like-minded individuals that are looking to have fun while pushing the toughest content world of warcraft has to offer. While we like to have fun when doing farm content things do get serious when pushing progression and we enforce all our raid rules on a consistent basis to ensure progression goes smoothly.

In our off-raid times, you can find members running mythic+ keys (10-20s), Gearing alts or even running old raid content for transmog. On top of our main raid days we offer a casual Heroic only raid on Wednesday 8pm CST and its welcome to everyone. We do welcome social casual players to participate in random guild events or if you are just looking for a place to call home. We hope to offer a second raid team in shadowlands during the week to provide our members multiple chances to raid consistently at a more casual environment.

Raid Schedule
Wednesday: 8pm CST (Optional)
Friday: 8:00pm - 11:00pm PST
Saturday: 8:00pm - 11:00pm PST

Tank: Brew Monk or Blood DK
Healer: FULL
RDPS: Boomy - Shadow - Elemental - Warlock
MDPS: Havoc DH - Warrior
Will consider any class if you can provide logs

Raid Expectations

  • 80% Attendance - our members set aside time to raid and we rely on each other to show up so we can raid each week. We strictly enforce this requirement

  • Ability to take/give constructive criticism in a mature way

  • One character to be raid ready at all times and come prepare with food/flask/pots etc. to raid 15min prior to start time

Btag: Tyrue#1545 Discord: Tyrue#1556



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Heya, I’m interested in merging. Hit me up so we can talk further! NukFur#1660.

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