[H] <Divine> 2/10M Recruiting! Sun/Mon 10p-1a EST!


Divine is a semi hardcore raiding guild on the Zul’jin server.
Divine took a break from raiding during BoD progression due to burnout and just being unhappy with the expansion. Some players went their own ways and found temporary guilds to achieve CE with while others took a break for rest of expansion. Officers and many of the original group are back for Shadowlands and looking to start our journey into getting CE as a guild again.

Guild History:

ToS 5/9 M Newly formed, 2 raid days
ABT 11/11 M 2 raid days (CE)
Uldir 8/8 M 2 raid days (CE)
BoD 6/9 M (Guild took break)

Currently open recruitment for:

Any Exceptional DPS
High Demand for Mage and Hunters!
High Demand for Resto Shaman

Looking for people similarly progressed.

Once a core group is formed we will accept mythic ready raiders to compete for a raid spot. Raid spots are earned, not given, and raiders must maintain adequate performance to sustain a roster spot. In order to continue achieving Cutting Edge each raid tier, raiders must come prepared, informed on the fight mechanics, as well as being on time.

Available Sun/Mon 10p-1a EST(Zuljin) for raid progression
Complete understanding of class and role.
Ability to adapt play style, and possibly role if needed for composition.
Ability to receive constructive criticism, and adjust to requests from officers.

Our trial consists of a mandatory 2 weeks of perfect attendance coming on time at 9:50p prepared for all fights after that your raid spot will be voted on by officers based on logs and fight performance.

Raid team is generally comprised of players with experience from BC or earlier.
Atmosphere is laid back, but with focus on downing bosses and CE. Guild is active, running alt heroic runs, mythic keys, BGs during the week. We also play games together outside of raid nights like Among Us/FF XIV/League of Legends/Valorant

If interested or have any questions, feel free to add me on Bnet Boppity#1760 or discord (preferred) Boppity#6363 or Misphit#3774 on Discord!


BUMP! Need some OP DPS! :slight_smile:

Hi there! I sent a friend request through discord. Looking forward to talking to you.

Bump! Could use a disc priest! :slight_smile:

Bump! Need H Pally and Havoc DH!

BUMP Where da heals and dps at?

Sent you a message on Discord. Discord name Orlando.

LF Healers! Holy Paly or Disc Priest in HIGH Demand!

Hey there, 188 multi CE rogue interested in possibly trialing if there is a spot. I sent a request on discord. Thanks!

Bump! LF Ranged DPS! Where my MM at?

LF Holy Pally and Warrior Tank!

If you’re still looking for a Holy Paladin, I’m looking for a guild. I’m at 200+ ilvl (depending on which trinkets I equip), rank 2 legendary, cleared normal CN and 4/10 Heroic. I have pulls on bosses 5 and 6, but the guild I was in couldn’t down them with their tanks.

BUMP!!! Still recruiting

Where my Unholy DK and Fire mages? :stuck_out_tongue:

Any DPS out there?!

Where my DPS at!

Where the DPS at.

201 boomy
10/10N 3/10 H
torow#1942 bnet

Bumpity! Where da dps

BUMPITY!!! Where the op dps at?