[H] <Divide> 11/11M US 139, 10/10M LF 1 Healer and DPS! Wed,Mon 7:30-11:30pm EST

Good morning!

Come on you juicy healers!

raid night with the gang!

Happy Friday A52!

any healers out there? o.O

Do you happen to be in need of a mage? 10/10M CN, 3/10M SOD, 10/10H SOD, all on a 2 day raid schedule. If you think you might want to talk to me, my Bnet is Canonic#1233.

to the top!

can we get 2 this week? o.O

hopefully a quick soulrender tomorrow!

soulrender down! great job team!!

great job last night everyone to painsmith!

I need some strong DPS too!

good morning area 52!

still need some strong ones!

P3 Pain, lets get it!

Painsmith dead! Great job guys

7/10 LEGGGO everyone

Fate down, big prog to come!

we did it! Proud of everyone and can’t wait to bolster the roster!

Great job everyone! Hope you enjoy your week off!