[H] <Distorted> 4/9H Amirdrassil, 8/9M ATSC LFM Tues/Weds 9-12ET

Distorted was formed at the start of Dragonflight and is aiming achieve CE. It is a relaxed and fun environment that appreciates dedication and hard work. We are currently looking to round out our roster with a healer and a couple strong DPS.

Raid Schedule
Tuesday/Wednesday 9-12 EST (6-9 server)

Aberrus: 8/9M

Healer, priest preferred
Any strong DPS candidate, preferably ranged

Contact Info
Discord: drop.shot (recruitment officer), dusty1877 (RL)
BNet: Dropshot#11588

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Bump. Still recruiting!

Bumping, still looking for exceptional DPS players.

Still looking for a mage.

Bumping, looking for a monk and an auggie.

bump still looking for more

Bumping for that sweet DK action.

Bumping for DPS.

Bumping, need a healer and ranged dps.