(H) Disc Priest LF PvP Guild

Good day to all!

Some background, I have played this game for 16 years now, and done the high tier raiding, the endless comp switching, the misery business that is Mythic anything…

I have always loved PvP but never fully devoted to ranked. I am doing that now

I am in search of an ACTIVE PvP guild that has RBG groups.

My achievements won’t have alot in regards to rated pvp, but this is the first time I’ve been serious about it, and I am a good player.

On my Survival Hunter/Ret Paladin I TC for multiple 2k+mmr groups. I am vocal, I have fun, and frankly I’m just looking for people to grind rbgs with and have a good time

It has been a dream of mine to get the High Warlord transmog for this priest to bring the nostalgia of my father when we played.

I will transfer to any server, so long as the guild is active and fun.


Hey Galadnar, have you found a PVP guild yet? I have a guild on Area 52 called Lotus Flower and we think you’d be a good fit for our core RBG team with this specs.