[H] <Destiny Cloudfist> Weekend Raiding!

Do you like a good dick joke? Are you tired of world buffs and sweating over parses? Just want to clear bosses with the crew at a quick pace but not looking for a second job?

If you answered yes to these questions we are probably a good fit. Our core is a team of retail CE Mythic raiders that dont want to pull bosses 500 times anymore. We just want to kill bosses quickly and efficiently with some poop jokes tossed in.

Weekend raids Sat - Sun 5-8 PST. We have cleared Gruul/Mag and have a full roster but people seem to not understand that attendance matters so please come take their raid spots!

Current classes needed:
Any healer outside of druid.
Ranged DPS (Will consider any classes)
An exceptional rogue player
If its not on this list please come talk to us anyways. You might be a good fit and we are open to a conversation.

Feel free to join our discord to chat.
discord .gg/6mYJWSD74j

Also shamans are always a plus lol.