[H] <Deified> 3 Day Mythic CE Guild Recruiting for Dragonflight

is a raiding guild located on US-Tichondrius. We strive to maintain a non-toxic and friendly atmosphere, and aim to better ourselves with each raid tier.

We pride ourselves on getting CE every tier.

CN - 10/10M
SoD - 10/10M
SotFO - 11/11M

We raid Tuesday-Wed-Thursday 6-9pm PST. We are looking to add quality dps to our raid roster for Dragonflight.

We expect our raiders to maintain as close to 100% attendance as possible.

While the guild currently provides everything needed to raid, it is still expected of all raiders to have the basic preparations of raiding before the raid starts.

If you are an exceptional player of your class and have the desire to push hard content, we want to hear from you! (regardless of recruitment needs)

Add CybY#1198 if you have any questions

Alternatively, applying with the google link will net you a much faster response.


great guiild, great group of people :+1:

We are looking for dps and a healer as well.

Deified offers a home to those who enjoy raiding :slight_smile:

Still looking for dps and healer

The vibes are unmatched

sundays are for apping

We have summons and battlestones :wink:

Gib enhancement shammy.

We still have these battle stones and summons. We even have PI

Still open to adding more.

Application window is still open :slight_smile:

Still looking for more!

Bump for dragonflight :slight_smile:

You should apply because our guild name is a palindrome :eyes:

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Recruitment still open.

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Oh hay there cuties

What’s uhhhh… what’s goin’ on these days?


You probably have a DH already in your group, but if you’re loking for one, I’m willing to join! Multiple CE experience, mostly Legion/BfA, some SL, but my guild won’t be coming back, so I gotta move on. I thrive on getting CE every tier too. Currently levelling my main, I have an alt DK already 70

8/8 M, Raz is down!
Looking to trial some players for next tier

come join us :slight_smile: