[H] <Daydreamers> Recruiting for next tier! Out of guild raiders welcome

(Zavvi) #32

Only one boss left to go! Join now and get AotC with us!

(Mourai) #33

Going to be working on Azshara tonight!

(Zavvi) #34

Yeah! Azshara’s a huuuuge jerk, ya know ya wanna come punch her inna face with us!

(Mourai) #35

Got a 5% pull on Sunday! We’ll more than likely kill her on Wednesday. Come do some pulls with us!

(Zavvi) #36

Heroic Azshara down! Meta-achieve, here we come!

You can come get the meta as well, join today! :smiley:

(Mourai) #37

Up to the top with ye!

(Zavvi) #38

Come daydream about the Shadowlands with us!

(But first we have to make a stop in Ny’Alotha before we get there!)


Let’s Dance ! Put on your red shoes

(Mourai) #40

Come join us for next tier!


we work hard but play even harder


The guild’s full of quite literally some of the best people I’ve met. It’s a great environment - not much else I can say, honestly. I just love the peeps in the guild.


We have a man with a mustache named Tim.

(Zavvi) #44

Also, a helpful reminder that while we accept and adore super cool new guild members, we also totally accept and sort of adore almost as cool non-guildies to the team!


If you looking for True love watch The Princess Bride! If you looking for Fun People to to do WoW things with then Join Daydreamers! we have a fountain of Folly Jollys and Hotch Cotch Coo


We offer heroic raiding, drunken coms and a small bit of insanity. Come for the loot stay for the friends and because they locked the asylum door on the way in.


This guild is why my sub is still active. Better ingredients, better people, papa Daydreamers.

(Zavvi) #49

Still lookin for more, and now with twice the dreaminess!

Less day though… seriously it gets dark so early now… but that’s no biggie, we all know it’s the dream part all the fun comes from :smiley:

(Cryptstalker) #50

Hmm, I have a character or two I’d be interested in doing stuff on. Will be in contact soon!


Oi, join this raid so I don’t have to try so hard. Good group of people.

(Mourai) #52

join us, join us.