[H] <Daydreamers> 10/12H Recruiting DPS! Out of guild raiders welcome

Yaaaay, new raid soon! Come punch eyeballs and go crazy with us!

Hi all. Assuming the original post is still correct you folks look like a great fit! I haven’t raided since the end of Legion and haven’t been a mythic raider since WoD – kids happened. I love Wyrmrest Accord as it fits my light, head canon RP I always have going on with my characters.

I’m looking to find a group of people to dungeon and raid with (heroic raiding is all I aspire to these days). My most likely character to play would be a shaman (willing to flex any spec for raiding). I’m leveling a Mag’har orc. Sorry he hasn’t appeared in my character list yet but I level and am willing to gear quickly.

What’s the best way to get in touch? Should I find you in game, discord, lurk the forums, carrier pigeon?

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Hey hey! Discord or Bnet is definitely the best way. Contact Mourai and you’ll get access to our top secret discord server.

I am interested in joining but Sundays might be problematic as far as attendance for raiding (ie missing every other). Would that be a big issue for you all or are you pretty lenient as long as when I can show I am an asset?

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This guy’s guild is…on life support, if I’m being incredibly charitable… But I wouldn’t feel right just up and jumping ship. (Boss made me an officer back when things were active and I don’t want to throw that back in his teeth, y’know?)

I can’t run a Healadin to save my own life, much less a raid group, but if you’re willing to teach I’m willing to learn the tanking game. M+ and raids both. I’m a coward and haven’t pugged much of BfA so my knowledge of the dungeons is low. Never really raided but I want to see the story outside of trying to PUG it…

Lemme know, okay?


@Johncrane That’s fine! We’re pretty lenient with that stuff :slight_smile:

@Rahmestos You can add me on bnet or Discord to discuss further. It shouldn’t be a problem, we don’t mind teaching!

New patch soooooon! :star_struck:

Still looking for more gobbos!

…and I guess others, too.

The best guild I’ve been in, no questions asked - I love the people here and don’t plan on leaving any time soon, if ever.


Have I mentioned that I love my guild? Because I love my guild. These people make it a pleasure to log into WoW, even when content is in a slump.

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And any slumpiness comes to an end TODAY! New patch is the perfect time to become a new member!

Just posting to say that they’re a good bunch who are very forgiving of derptastic affiliated wannabe tankers such as myself. :smiley:

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Season Fooooouuuuurrrrr!!! New raid, and we’ll be hitting it this Wednesday, sign up now to get in onna ground floor of the new raid! N’Zoth totally said YOU stink, and we’re here to help ya punch him inna face!

A really great group to raid with. Looking forwards to poking at N’Zoth and his lackeys some more with this bunch.


Haven’t bumped in a while! So bump!

Bumping. Great group to raid with!

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Got some great progress last night! Come join us on Sunday for more.

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Almost halfway through heroic! How far will we get tomorrow? Come find out with us first hand! :grin:

Halfway through heroic now and still truckin tonight!

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And 7/12 now; N’Zoth’s gettin nervous!

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Join us tonight to do some heroic re-clear! Get yer gear! Kick some butts!