[H] <Daydreamers> 10/12H Recruiting DPS! Out of guild raiders welcome

We offer heroic raiding, drunken coms and a small bit of insanity. Come for the loot stay for the friends and because they locked the asylum door on the way in.

This guild is why my sub is still active. Better ingredients, better people, papa Daydreamers.

Still lookin for more, and now with twice the dreaminess!

Less day though… seriously it gets dark so early now… but that’s no biggie, we all know it’s the dream part all the fun comes from :smiley:

Hmm, I have a character or two I’d be interested in doing stuff on. Will be in contact soon!


Oi, join this raid so I don’t have to try so hard. Good group of people.

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join us, join us.

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:woman_mage: Come forth and fight with us! We have the sparkly heals and everything.


Great group of folks. Come join us all in raiding N’zoth and slapping the old god back down where he belongs! Then continue to join us in Shadowlands as we raid a bunch of undead dudes.

It’ll be great, we can kill them, and then kill them again and again and again… The realm of the living was merely a set back


So Shadowlands is basically one big ol’ grave robbing expansion? This is gonna be great!

I am very proud of this guild and how far we’ve come since I started it in Legion! We can only move forward and improve <3

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Still looking for more goblins especially, btw! come help convince the rest of these mooks to race change to the clearly superior option!

We’ve picked up a couple new folks over the past couple of days. Why don’t you join us, and maybe I’ll be talking about you in my next bump? You know you wanna.

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I am super interested about possibly joining. I really really wanna do M+ and get in some achievements along the way, dipping back into raiding since I’ve had my wrist restored from surgery is also something I would like to do. :smiley:

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Feel free to hit me up! I’d be happy to discuss joining with ya.

Sent you a friend request yesterday to get some more info, sounds like a really promising opportunity. Same name as the avatar, if you see it. Thanks!


Accepted! Sorry, been super busy this weekend. Hope to talk to ya soon!

Come do the thing with us!

New tier approaching ya’ll! Join the team to kick butt as soon as the new raid drops. We accept guild members, people who just wanna raid and stay in their RP guilds, off-server raiders. So long as you get along with us, you’re welcome!

Yaaaay, new raid soon! Come punch eyeballs and go crazy with us!

Hi all. Assuming the original post is still correct you folks look like a great fit! I haven’t raided since the end of Legion and haven’t been a mythic raider since WoD – kids happened. I love Wyrmrest Accord as it fits my light, head canon RP I always have going on with my characters.

I’m looking to find a group of people to dungeon and raid with (heroic raiding is all I aspire to these days). My most likely character to play would be a shaman (willing to flex any spec for raiding). I’m leveling a Mag’har orc. Sorry he hasn’t appeared in my character list yet but I level and am willing to gear quickly.

What’s the best way to get in touch? Should I find you in game, discord, lurk the forums, carrier pigeon?

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