[H] (Dawnbringer) 407 Fury Warrior LF Guild

Hello, this is my first post on this forums! Since the removal of the guild finder feature, I have been finding it difficult to find a guild. I have recently returned to the game after a long hiatus but have been playing off and on since BC/Wrath. Personally, I’m a completionist, constantly trying to do legacy content and collecting achievements but I’d also like to find a guild with an active mythic dungeon group. For one, I think it would be a far more fun way to gear up besides grinding mana pearls for my benthic gear but I’d also like to find a group who are just fun to play the game with! I do have a day job, I’m a high school math teacher so evenings and weekends only for me! As a solo player, I’ve done pretty well gearing and enjoying the content but I want to find a guild who is willing to help me dive into the mythic content that the game has to offer! I’m a DPS on my main, but I’ve been leveling a vengeance DH as well if a tank is required for the guild.

Hey Banani, we’re not on Dawnbringer, but if you’re open to swapping servers would love to chat.

We Have a Tabard was founded over 11 years ago with many of the same core members it has today, myself included. We’re a casual guild that raids one night a week for AotC and glory achievement mounts each tier, and would love to add some more members looking for a laid back social experience. On other nights we’re into all sorts of things: M+, heroic warfronts, timewalk raids, pvp, and more!

If this intrigues you at all, hit me up on bnet! Alveia#1839