[H] <Danger Zone> 4/10M LFM Tu/Th 830-12


Danger Zone is 10/10 H, 4/10 M and looking for a few more skilled players to round out our Mythic Team. We raid 830-12 EST Tuesday/Thursday. We’ve been around for a minute. We were Over Raided on Stormrage Alliance before xferring to A-52 in Legion. Cutting Edge during WoD and Legion and looking to get back there!

Currently looking for:

Any skilled player is welcome to apply! Message here or whisper me in game, Bnet (Hendo#1225), or discord (Hendo#1064).

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Starting Mythic Tuesday

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Starting mythic tomorrow. Come join us!


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Good idea! Discord: Hendo#1064

Shriek down. more to come.

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any interest in UH DK?

We were considering one more melee. Hit me up in game. We’ll take you on a run and see how it goes!

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