[H] <Dad Bod> 5/10m & 10/10h 2-day Guild LF More

Current Progression: 5/10M & 10/10H SoD, 10/10M CN, 12/12M NYA

Dad Bod of Zul’jin is a laid-back semi-hardcore raiding guild that likes to have an open and active community. We aim to provide opportunities for both old and new players to be part of new raid bosses while keeping the days low enough to both progress towards CE while maintaining a family or personal life.

We ask applicants to come with a good attitude, an openness to constructive criticism, to be willing and able to raid at a Mythic CE level, and to understand that the trial period will be no shorter than 2 weeks so we can be sure that both parties get a good feel for each other.

Raid schedule:

Tuesday: 9pm-12:30am EST
Thursday: 9pm-12:30am EST
Optional Wednesday heroic at same time.

Raid needs:
The class/spec we currently interested in are as follows:

All ranged dps

Exceptional players of any class/spec will always be considered.

Trial expectations:

The drive to improve personal play.
Effort to integrate yourself with guild’s community.
Prepared with relevant consumables, gear, addons, and knowledge of the raid.


For additional information please contact Awnie
Battle-Tag - Linya#1934
Discord - Linya#2311

We are still looking to add 1 or 2 people.

Hi I’m interested, I have no Mythic Experience but I wanna try and work for it.
I’m mostly a Mythic plus player but I’ve gotten AOTC in Most patches, Looking to get a Cutting Edge. Hope to see you on the Battlefield

looking especially for spriests and warlocks!

Looking for a healer who can dps offspec as needed - either resto shaman or a disc priest

Looking for another person for the roster. Healer or RDPS

looking for an enhancement shaman

looking for rdps