[H] <Crystal Myth> Recruiting

Formed in Vanilla. Karazhan and Gruul on farm. We aim to be one of the most democratic guilds on the server, with fair loot distribution and raid slots.

Raid Times (All times Server):
25 man Sunday, Thursday 8-10pm
Kara Red Tuesday 8-11pm
Kara Blue Tuesday 7-10pm
Kara Yellow Wednesday 8-11pm
Kara Green Wednesday 8-11pm

Ret and Holy Paladins

Arrive to raid on time. Provide advanced notice if you can’t make it.
Have gems and enchants. We can help out with this.
Bring base consumes (i.e. food, wizard oil, elixirs). Flasks not required.

Loot system is open rolls based on items you enter into thatsmybis, with Tank->Healer->DPS priority.
All raid signups are open, and are mostly first come, first serve.

Message Poptarticus#2378 on Discord for more info.

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All classes are welcome for Kara, heroics, and normals. This is just the priority for 25 man’s. But anyone that is a good guildy can earn a spot in 25 man.
If you are interested reach out. Would be happy to speak with you.