[H] <Crew> Recruiting

Tu/Th 7-10pm PST
Loot Council

About us:
We all started Classic WoW on multiple servers. To beat the queues we all ended up on Arcanite Reaper where we met and formed . After 6 months on Arcanite Reaper the server population was drastically dying so we decided to move here to Smolderweb. Our leadership has over 15 years of Guild Management and Raiding experience in both retail and vanilla. We bring years of online gaming experience and understand how to establish a culture in the guild that emphasizes guild community and progression.

We are using a loot council that consists of 1 class lead for each respective class and 4 officers. We understand the stigma of how a loot council can break a guild. This is why we have such a large council that each class is represented by a class leader and 4 officers. The list is public and the loot council meets regularly to discuss future content and update the loot lists based on attendance, attitude and performance. Loot integrity is of upmost importance to us.

We are currently at 39/40 for our core raid and would love to add a Rogue or Fury Warrior to our lineup. We are focused on finding the right person with mediocre gear rather than the wrong person with great gear.

We have a great family like community here and we want to try and preserve that. We are all adults and as such we like to joke around and have a fun time while still downing content at an above average pace. You must have a good sense of humor and be able to have a good attitude and give/receive help from your peers when needed.

We are currently clearing BWL/MC in 1 night to leave our second raid night open for future content progression.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to anyone in the guild or you can add me on Bnet at Bsteven92#1237. Thank you for your consideration!