[H] <Corpse Run> Recruiting p2!

[Corpse Run] Is recruiting for our 25man raid team. A semi-hardcore raid guild with experienced leadership, been raiding together since Classic. Full P1 cleared! Working on P2 progression weekly!

Raid Schedule:
Tues: TK 7:30-10pm Server Time (EST)
Fri: Gruul+SSC 7:30-11pm Server Time (EST)

2 SR with modified Loot Council for big ticket items

Searching for:
Melee - Enhance Shaman
Casters - Shadow Priests + Ele Shaman
Healers - Resto Shamans + Holy Paladins + Priests
Tanks - Prot Paladins
Misc - If interested msg myself or an officer :heart:

Message me on Discord garigan_nw#5139
Or online in game at Rhokar

Message other officers online in game Shiftykins, Healykins, Empyreia, Mizziry, Dreamscape, Cowshield, Pandragis & Papagrampy as well~