[H] <Conviction> | 10/10M | 2-Day CE (Tue/Sun) | LF DPS

Still recruiting for next tier!

Looking for some more ranged for next tier :dizzy:

AZSHARA DED!!! WOO! Recruiting more solid DPS for Tuesday!

In need of more for next tier. Ranged DPS, all are welcome

Good luck to all in the new tier!

5/12H on our first night, come join us to finish off heroic

looking for more

any mages or boomies?

Ranged DPS still open!

11/12 heroic on our first week!

looking for more

in need of some ranged to start Mythic!

bumping it up

looking for one or two more to join in on the Ny’alotha Prog

Mages? Do you exist?!

easy first mythic bosses

still looking for some mages

looking for more ranged

shadhar down! time for some soccer

still looking for some ranged DPS