[H] <Conviction> | 10/10M | 2-Day CE (Tue/Sun) | LF DPS

to the top we go

By “beckoned by Azshara with US”, she clearly means with HER… 18 times, LUL :stuck_out_tongue:

I am weak to her siren call

bumping on up :arrow_up:

come dps with us!

azshara prog is steadily going! looking for more for that prog and 8.3

would love to have a demon hunter and shadow priest join us :slight_smile:

Its reset day! good luck on your boxes

In need of a few more DPS

Bumping on up

Make a lovely weekend better by checking out our guild!

Pew pew! lets go!

looking for a couple more!

Want to buy a frost DK!

in need of those melee DPS

Happy Thanksgiving to those Americans!

And to all Canadians - so is half our guild so you should join us

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!

would love a ele/resto flex!

Looking for more DPS

back to work!